Planned Manhood™
Men of all ages educating on relationships, sex and parenting.

Uncomfortable the ones that women ask at Planned Parenthood.

Men struggling on where to ask for support?

The Best Protection is Education!

There is a huge gap and need for this service in our society. Do you see a great need for this for men? For your friends?

Imagine an organization that supports men making better informed decisions that contribute to society and their manhood.

Our momentum is building. Response is very positive from men and women on this new idea. Think of it as a brother to Planned Parenthood. Honestly, most guys won't go to a pink clinic for manly advice. I went there years ago for a basic vasectomy and found no options. Now, as an adult, I see the future of men.

Boys, teens and men of all ages have struggled without a clean, safe, non-denominational place to go for support and advice from other good men.

The goal is in three phases with a final goal of 16 Multi-State Clinics and 6 Mobile PM Units by raising and activating $500 Million.

1) Initial Start Up $250,000
Forming the team, clarifying the plan for the vision to become a reality and building social  and financial momentum.

Once, team members are in place we will focus on…

First Phase Top-line items.
  • Staffing: Doctors, nurses, accounting, facility planners....
  • Curriculum: see First Phase Reach Out below
  • Constituency / membership building
  • Video and ad production - Media and social media
  • Insurance and Medical Licensing
  • Out Reach Programs
Men, who see this cause as a pivotal need in our social construct are invited to Man Up.
CEO: ?
CFO: ?
CTO: ?
Legal: ?
Operations: ?
Fundraising: ?
Volunteers: ?
Contributors: ?
Doctors: ?
Visionary: Gabriel DiCristofaro

We need all celebrities, icons, volunteers, officers, leaders, project managers and hands-on deck from good men striving to create a great society.

We are talking about men who have the time, passion and resources to be part of a cause creating an extraordinary organization.

+Leaders with currently active teams looking for a great cause to be part of are highly encouraged to take charge here.

+Knowledge leaders experienced in building organizations efficiently are needed to actively make this a reality.

+Financial leaders looking for a place to thoughtfully purpose money for the betterment of many.

First Phase Reach Out: also inviting men to create useful video content and load it to our Planned Manhood YouTube channel by volunteer men offering support and possible strategies for life choices. This will build trust from the outside.

The videos will be Segments of 3-5 minutes each covering these struggles.

Initial Curriculum is built up by the community by having video content created and loaded to our Planned Manhood YouTube channel by volunteer men offering support and possible strategies for life choices.

The three man areas will be Segments of 3-5 minutes each.
  1. Relationships: personal and professional social guidance
  2. Sex: informational and useful
  3. Parenting: good male role models sharing ideas and strategies

These are then voted on by the men (all ages) reading and learning from them. The top voted "most useful" Contributed Planned Manhood Videos can become the anchor of our work giving males a source of social, sexual and parental support.
That's the "seed" of the online virtual vision.
In the mean time, phase 2 is preparing for brick and mortar clinics being built up around the nation.

2) Planned Manhood Phase 2 goal is to build 16 Multi-State Clinics by raising $100 million

16 National Clinics in multiple states. (To lessen the distraction of passionate protesters, we will conform all on-site clinic operations and services to match the state law in which they are built.

Then, we'll encourage the "anti-whatevers" to go be pro-adoption and focus their energy in a more useful place. :)

6 Mobile Planned Manhood units
In areas where resources are low we can have units with mobile resources.
Rural and Urban: Need designers and exceptional fabricators on how to make these unique and useful.

3) Replicating all successful phase 2 actions and activities in new welcoming cities and states.
The momentum of this vision of planning manhood is now a reliable resource for males to get answers to uncomfortable questions.

Though, playboy and penthouse were great sources for micro information, we can now elevate the source of our manhood that is shared among men creating contributing citizens.

Any support and input is greatly appreciated to launch this. Please add funds and contact us to be part of building this amazing organization for good men.

Increasing Adoption by 20%
Decreasing Abortion by 20%

Let's Man Up and Change the World! Please give your time, knowledge, connection or financial support now! 

Best regards,


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